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Ctb, Both the 1st team and Reserve side will be playing at Boscawen Park, Malpas road, Truro TR1 1SG all season and more than likely next season as well. As most people are aware Tms had very poor facilities and Kenwyn Parish Council have decided the best thing to do at the Tms park ground is to bulldoze the old changing rooms to the ground. Hopefully we will have some kind of new facilities in the near future, but probably not in time for the 2013/14 season. :c:

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Kenwyn Parish Council that doesn't seem right, back in the 1940's I delivered milk in Threemilestone when there were few houses and plenty of fields, surely to what it has grown to be now they should have their own council independent of others.

When the councils bulldoze things they take an eternity to replace them, to maintain football in the area the council could erect timber dressing rooms until a more permanent structure is provided. In the mean time the council should compensate Threemilestone football club allowing them to play at Malpas FREE OF CHARGE. I am sure the ratepayers would agree. I bet the council atitude would be different if it affected the horsey set.

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