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St Blazey 2-3 Plymouth Parkway

Having travelled down to watch an entertaining, close game competed by two good, evenly matched teams I was not disappointed.

Goals were scored by Broomfield and Bennett for St Blazey, while Richards (2) and Cooper scored for Parkway.

Taking nothing away from the goalscorers, the best players on the pitch were:

St Blazey:

Dan Evans - young defender, very strong, quick and good brain

George Swain - young midfielder, great technical ability and box to box


John Heveran - defender, not the quickest but great distribution and brain

Warren Dawe - young midfielder, good composure with miles in his legs

These four players were a cut above the rest and if they only had better players around them I believe they would be even better. Still with time on their side I think they all have potential to make it!!

Any thoughts????

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