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Not playing rugby today, so it's off to Newton Abbot Spurs.....

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Well that was a journey I will not be repeating in a hurry.

Game 7/10 Stoke Gabriel didn't look as though they had to step into second gear to beat Spurs comfortably. Newton were shocking.

Programme 1/10 They only have the pre

-printed advert directory, with the photo copied inlay stapled in. The programme is free, but it needs to be really. The photocopied inlay had some in club joke poke at ginger people. It had no team sheet, or fixtures, and frankly, they could have saved their time by sticking it on the bar, so you could take one if you could be bothered carrying it around.

Tea hut 6/10 A friendly lady serving in there, though the supporters all congregate around it whether buying or not. This makes it difficult to get to, and impossible to see what is on offer. The pies were awesome though, Holland's potato and meat. The best pies I have ever tasted in SW England. They ran out to quickly though.

Bar 5/10 reasonable service in a nice, clean, and tidy bar. The Guinness however was horrible, the worst I have tasted ever.

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