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Liskeard v Launceston

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jblatch you stated " a poor game of football", i was also a neutral but i have a different opinion to you, my opiniion was that in very difficult conditions some very good football was on show, Launceston played with a very high tempo in the first half, playing very good 1 and 2 touch football with precise passing, ok not testing the home keeper often but scoring a very good goal to go in 1 nil at half time, i also think although the 2nd half was a closer affair Launceston still tried to play football on what we both agree was a difficult surface, Launceston scored another well deserved goal and dominated the 2nd half, and now for my punch line jblatch, what were you expecting regarding football in those conditions, surely you could see the same game as i was watching and give the players from both Liskeard and Launceston some credit, if not go back to watchng "match of the day".

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I agree with your view of the game, I thought Launceston adapted very well to the conditions and ran out deserved winners, Liskeard had one effort come off the post but i think that was the only time they troubled the Launceston keeper. In my earlier post i was trying to be a bit diplomatic with my comments about Liskeard but i'de had a few Stella Artoris's and was looking for a heated reply! I'm not going near my keyboard in future when Stella'd up. I hope that pretty much explains my cloudy earlier post.

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