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Anyone need a coach to help out


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Should have added that i am based around newquay, been coaching for about 5 years, fa1&2 done level 3 but didnt get through 1st time, also done youth modules 1&2.

Try Newquay AFC, with almost 30 teams to choose from, ages 5-adults, there will be someone, somewhere, happy for some assistance.

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Hi Spur4Life, I help run Perranporth Youth FC and we are always looking for help with coaching our u8, u10 & u12 teams. We have managers for all of our teams but also have very large numbers so they are always glad of an extra pair of eyes and feet as it's easier and more productive to split large numbers into smaller groups to ensure everyone gets the attention and help they need. We train on Wednesday evenings from 6pm til 7pm at Perranporth Rugby Club, if you're interested you can PM me on here or give me a ring on 07897 505543.


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