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Players leaving the mill

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By the looks of the Herald today, Billy Allen has signed for Mount Gould...Step forward? Step Back? or Step across?

Also heard from a friend of my son's that Dean Smith is signing for Callington....any truth? Will a defeat tomorrow send more to the exit??

Newquay Saltash is the game for me this weekend....should be a cracker!

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Billy Allen for him is a step down. going to a pnd team playing on council pitches??? Not a good move and doesnt make sense.

could be more to do with that im thinking

Dean Smith to Cally? isnt that where his brother is? again thinking is a step down as Cally in a lower league?

Would of thought players in there mid 20s would want to play as high as they could???

but again could be something more to it :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

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acrossthewater you could well be right, it would seem there maybe some underlying reasons for leaving, either way both players are good players and will certainly leave a hole in the torpoint side. Something doesnt seem right there this season, Darren and Carl don't seem to be having the same impact as they did last season where they set the league alight in the early stages. They have a few local players there who have been at the club for years and will never leave but some of the "non local" players wont have the same desire to stay should the results not change in their favour......will there be more players wanting away anytime soon?

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