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One step too many for Lee Doel?

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Having left the safety net of "Daddies money" I cant help but feel Lee's move to the mighty Bodmin maybe too much of a step up for the lad.

Having seen him play at parkway, what he lacked in skill he made up for with his "headless chicken" like work rate.

My concern is now he is amongst better quality players who retain the ball alot more in games, Is his ability to chase the ball really needed? only time will tell I suppose.

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Having read back my post, I want to make it clear that I rate the boy but just feel he is the type of player who wants games.

Admittedly it is a long season, made longer by bodmins cup success.

Will he be happy to sit on the bench for large parts of the season?

Maybe so if this means multiple trophies, But surely given he is in his prime and maybe at his peak then he'd want to play week in week out?

Does this show bodmin using a "sign him so he doesn't play against us" style of scouting.

Just a thought :huh:

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I believe Darren has made a very cute signing in Lee Doel, i can remember last seasons first half performances when Bodmin were 2nd best in most games, it was only the managers half time talk ( bollocking) that got the team playing at the right tempo, this season Lee Doel along with Shane Krac give Bodmin the energy to start and finish games the way Darren expects. So for me Lee Doel plays a very important part for bodmin.

Just my opinion!!

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dont you think this lad will improve playing with better players? i always learnt that the better players you play with the more you learn the harder you work to do the simple things. he has alot of quality around him this might be a good move for him. its not sour grapes that he has moved on to the team everyone wants to beat isnt it?

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