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Rubbish Spoken by Premiership Managers


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After last night's win over Man Utd, Chelsea manager Di Matteo said the result proved that his side would have won last weekend's league match if it had'nt been for refereeing decisions! May have been a valid argument if the sides were the same, but United only had 1 player who started both matches and Chelsea 5. In the 18 man squads Chesea had 14 players in both and United 6.

I'm not complaining about last night's result - just the absolute tosh that managers spout. There are many examples every week! :SM_carton:

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While RDM's statement is semantically and philosophically impossible, anyone with an ounce of integrity who watched last Sunday's farce at the Bridge will agree with the spirit of his utterance.

I am not celebrating our 5-4 victory over the trolls of Old Trashford, since I called for a 30-nil deliberate home self-defeat as an ironic gesture against the willingness of the goblin of Greenock to profit rom cheating. When a club has won the magnificent array of trophies garnered by the European Champions recently, the League Cup is not a worthy accompaniment.

I appreciate that win-nothing Manure might have felt differently.

I hope RDM plays a youth team in the next round and that we lose 5-4 to some also-rans wo need the entertainment....(I haven't even perused the draw for the last eight)..

Time to treat the Pub Cup with he contempt it deserves.

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