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Massey's Mutterings is back with a new look!

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Yes, with the new look CORNISH SOCCER website now on show, there's also the return of Massey's Mutterings to enjoy as well.

Find out which club he's been involved with in the last couple of weeks, what he thinks about his lino performance and his best wishes for the new regime at Truro City.

All you have to do is follow the link from the home page

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Ha! Absolutely brilliant! Both topics close to my heart! Give my fondest to Bideford Mass....my cousin played for them some time ago...Tony Schiller. Think Neil 'puffer' Phillips played against him back in the day. Falmouth Ladies are such a great bunch and I miss being with them each week but had the pleasure of dishing up their food on Sunday. Glad to see the mutterings are back x

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And not a single mention of Buckland ! That`s a first ... Thought Steve would have had the decency to say he "got it wrong" and well done to Buckland for proving him so and taking promotion?

Could be a long wait..... Then again, a lot of people who said we wouldn't take promotion have slid back under their rocks without admitting they were wrong.

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