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gunnislake v godolphin rained off??

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My names Andy brown and I’m the joint manager of Gunnislake fc.

I made the shout that the pitch was unplayable. Even if we have had no rain this week! If you know Gunnislake pitch at all 'cornishlegend' you will know that water does not hold up well on this pitch. Whether we had rain 2 days ago or 2 weeks ago, water still holds on the pitch!

Sometimes this makes the pitch unplayable for 2 or 3 months a season!

I tried to get the game available for both teams so we have a nice flat pitch to play on.

I checked the pitch PM on Friday and been forking it all week.

We had already agreed that Calstock can use our pitch on the Wednesday / Thursday evening.

I tried to allow as much time as I could for the pitch to dry, but at 10am I made the decision that it was unplayable. Due to H&S reasons!!

If any of you wanted to pop down to the pitch, feel free and see for yourself.

We have not had any issues with raising a side this season 'Cornish legend'. Not with 43 players signed on!!!!!

Both Squads (1st & 2nds) had 28 players available to use on Saturday.

Why make up a topic regarding a game not being played? Is it because you were due to play in this fixture? Or is it because your a village idiot that doesn’t get out much and has to stir sh*t?

If you want a chat about anything feel free to call me 07909 335764.

The club have been struggling with the pitch for a couple of years, and Calstock like wise. Likely St Ann’s chapel folded and we have a use of a 2nd pitch!! How many other clubs within the duchy league have this advantage?

As for Scott Paskins.

He is a good player.

A lot to learn still at the age of 23. But maybe in a couple of years he will make that move.

You have to remember Scott was in my reserve squad last season and the 1st team manager at the time didn’t use him at all.

He is developing quick but tiny little things let him down!

Let’s hope this has answered any questions or quires that any of you haters have!

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