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It is with regret that I announce that Calstock Reserve team are to withdraw from Duchy 3 with immediate affect.

1st team manager Spencer Welch has had to step down due to health reasons which have been worsened by the stress of battling to raise a team week in week out.

Calstock Reserve team will be stepping up to challenge in the Premier Division. (Which is going to be tough).

The club would like to apologise to the league, including Mike Newcombe for the inconvenience and they know how hard the committee has worked to keep both teams going.

Sadly the club was left in hardship after a mass exodus at the end of last season.

We would like to thank anyone who has been involved in the club this season and it is a shame to lose the 2nd team after back to back promotions.

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We've always enjoyed some fairly competitive games with your reserve team so for lots of reasons we'll be sad to see them fold. However, you have a decent cub, run by some committed individuals and I'm sure that soon enough you'll rebuild. Best of luck to the team stepping up to Duchy Prem-you've got some tough, determined players as well as a batch of youngsters who'll only learn and improve as the season goes on.

My sympathies for the exodus of players last summer- it can happen to almost any club, at any time.

We certainly hope to meet you on the field of play sometime soon.

Best of luck from all at LC Phoenix.

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Gutted to hear Calstock are having problems, great place to play football.

Where have all the players from the first team gone, surely there where enough between the two teams to see things through and look for some new players over the course of the season.

Really disappointed for the seconds, since being put together they have done really well, I am sure they will do well in the top league, its going to be tough but they have some good players.

Best of luck to all concerned with Calstock FC.

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Not one player from last seasons 1st team stayed, few are at st dom & saltash. The summer was spent finding players but its difficult to find a whole team and replace the few that left the 2nd team.

Only 4/5 have played as high as duchy 1 before and it is those few and akos bubacksy who have helpped the younger players who formed the team improve.

We always seemed to play better against the stronger sides so this challenge ahead can only help every1s development.

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