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JCCL Results Thread and Table - 27th October 2012

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Can you post your results, scorers and attendances on this thread please.

You can also text me on 07597907549 with any details.

As I am running a quiz night at the Magpies tomorrow and have to rush back from Constantine I dobt if I will be able to do my usual results text service. I will try though.

Cornwall Combination League

27th October 2012

Falmouth Athletic (Brett Southerland) 1-2 Penryn Athletic Reserves (Steve Kellow, Stefan Churcher)

Att - 45

Goonhavern Athletic (Sam Waters) 1-1 St Ives Town (Joel McWilliams)

Att - 25

Holman SC (Sam Eva) 1-0 Hayle Reserves

Att - 20

Ludgvan (jack Ramsey, Tom Patrick, Liam Devine) 3-2 Muliion (Dagan Vaughn-Spruce, Jacob Lugg)

Att - 45

Newquay Reserves 0-3 St Day (Gavin Boon 2, Danny Ford)

Att - 60

Pendeen Rovers (Wade Brown 4, Ashley Ellis, Scott Meagor) 6-0 Falmouth Town Reserves

Att - 55

Perranwell (Matt Read 2, OG) 3-0 St Agnes

Att - 52

Porthleven Reserves 0-4 Illogan RBL (Simon Ellis 2, Dominic Pullen, Jason Roberts)

Att - 40

RNAS Culdrose 0-1 St Just (Stuart Nicholls)

Att - 20

Wendron United 0-2 Troon (Matthew Rowe 2)

Att - 35


1 ILLOGAN RBL 12 9 1 2 33 19 14 28

2 PENDEEN ROVERS 11 8 2 1 31 12 19 26

3 FALMOUTH TOWN RESERVES 12 8 1 3 36 21 15 25

4 ST IVES TOWN 12 6 6 0 34 15 19 24

5 ST DAY 12 7 2 3 29 22 7 23

6 MULLION 13 7 1 5 38 28 10 22

7 ST AGNES 10 7 0 3 33 19 14 21

8 PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES 13 6 2 5 30 27 3 20

9 PERRANWELL 12 5 3 4 27 19 8 18

10 WENDRON UNITED 11 5 1 5 24 23 1 16

11 HAYLE RESERVES 12 4 4 4 20 21 -1 16

12 TROON 10 5 0 5 28 19 9 15

13 GOONHARVEN ATHLETIC 9 4 2 3 21 15 6 14

14 RNAS CULDROSE 8 3 2 3 17 15 2 11

15 NEWQUAY RESERVES 13 3 2 8 21 37 -16 11

16 LUDGVAN 10 3 1 6 20 26 -6 10

17 ST JUST 10 3 0 7 15 25 -10 9

18 PORTHLEVEN RESERVES 15 2 1 12 20 58 -38 7

19 HOLMAN SC 12 2 0 10 11 46 -32 6

20 FALMOUTH ATHLETIC 11 1 1 9 19 43 -24 4

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Porthleven 0-4 illogan

Went down to watch the game at gala park wasn't quite the goal fest I had claimed but there was one reason for that and that was some outstanding goal keeping! The first 30 minuits were very even with bot teams creating chances Porthleven having 2 chances well stopped. Dom pullen was through one on one about 8 yards out smashing a shot only for the Porthleven keeper to pull off a great stop, a few minuits later a cross came into the box with Porthleven defenders only clearing to the edge of the box were an illogan player connected sweetly with a thundering shot flying for the top corner only for an unbelievable save from the porthleven keeper somehow keeping it out, the last 10 minuits of the half and illogan nicked 2 goals both from crosses into the box that were well finished off. The second half got under way and illogan again on the front foot attacking at will but some resolute defending and some more brilliant keeping kept illogan at bay. Later on in the half illogan were awarded a penalty which was very well dispatched in the corner of the net. The second goal of the half came down the wing turning into the box an a very well finished curling shot into the far corner ended the goals at 4-0

Man of the match - Porthleven goalkeeper, some of the saves were top drawer

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Good write up James! Illogan Scorers Simon Ellis 2, Dom Pullen 1 and Jason Roberts 1

Agree ports keeper pulled off a few worldies !

Illogan play some very patient and clever football very impressed by them and Dom pullen holds up the ball extremely well second time iv watched you guys this season and can't see many teams nicking points from you! Well done today

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RNAS Culdrose 0 - St Just 1.

A good game, played in a strong wind. Both teams managed the wind well once they got used to it. Stuart Nicholls scored the only goal of the game for St Just. It would be wrong to name an outstanding player for the Tinners, but, Darren Ball played a blinder in defence, alongside Toby Cape and Lee Patchett and saved all the points for the Tinners by his goal line clearance, five minutes from the end. Neil Curnow and Stu Nicholls laboured hard to add to the scoreline but the Culdrose defence held on to the end.

Well played both teams, the wind threatened to spoil the game, but you overcame it.

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the cat.. that whole saga is over. nobody cares anymore. we bounced back with a good performance and a 3-0 win. let that comment be the last. its forgotten.

i thought i would just slip that cheeky one in there as couldnt resist!!

saints had much more penetration but both teams cancelled each other out a lot in the middle of the park

newquay couldnt quite get the ball into the right areas in the final third

a lot of good experience in the saints line up balanced with youth

newquay just a couple over 20 which was the difference

RyRy when you have done your time you can tell an old fat bloke like me when its the last comment, until then just keep trying to bang in as many goals as your old man has and you will be a top player..

but really what was matt harris wearing??

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fair play to pendeen they could only beat what we put in front of them, and they did that in some style today. we'll be back ;-)

fair play to pendeen they could only beat what we put in front of them, and they did that in some style today. we'll be back ;-)

i no falmouth had a few out today, but as scoffy said you can only play whats in front of you, and thats what pendeen done. the first half we went 2 nil up had a pen saved and missed another one. second half bar a fifteen minute spell all pendeen, that said jason roberts and luke wort always possed a threat and forced the pendeen keeper into two great saves. pendeen pushed the vistors back and but for the falmouth keeper could and should have added a few more. thanks to luke and scoffy for coming back ,best wishes for the rest of the season. dre.
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Holman Sports Club 1-0 Hayle AFC

Att 20

Holman goalscorer

Sam "Roberto Carlos" Eva

Holmans hadn't won since August and had a mighty Eurovision nil points at blaythorne all year so you can safely say confidence was about as high as lance Armstrong passing a drugs test coming in today's game. Luckily even though we were missing 5 of the squad who had all gone AWOL we welcomed back Sam Eva following a nasty injury to a toenail or something, Tarik had manned up after babysitting duties last week and Mike 'billy wizz' goldsworthy made a welcome return to the fold.

Lovely sunny day down Blaythorne slightly ruined by the fact some of Cambornes finest had decided overnight to take a car on to the youth team pitch friday night and practice doing donuts in the bottom corner...if we catch the loveable little scoundrels we may have to put into practice 'hug a hoodie'......... earlier in the week some more of Cambornes loveable rogues had took a fancy to the tractors battery as well...bless them though they did spare a thought to put the rain cover back over it so ray didn't realise till he went to cut the pitch......we did have such a good giggle about it!!!!! We've got a new battery now so if the people who borrowed the old one would like to drop it back we can take the opportunity to show them what else you can wire a battery too guantamano bay style whilst they wait!!!!!! :)

Jase true to form lost the toss although 10min earlier had survived a south american military coup from Ben Minns to steal the captains armband off him. Anyway with the wind at our backs shooting towards the railway end the 1st half was a pretty even affair. Both sides were guilty of ronnie rosential clangers in front of goal. Jase managed to upend Danny scorer in the first 3 minutes which I'm sure had nothing to do with him attending Holmans pre season training then buggering off down to hayle this season ;).......Danny was the hayle player causing the most problems for us though throughout the game and had managed a few tantalising crosses that the young hayle forwards just struggled to get on the end of. At the other end we were being a bit guilty of hitting the ball a bit long but a couple of half chances from Tarik and Aaron were just wide

Ht 0-0

Normally right after half time if Holmans are still in the game scoreline wise we take great delight in getting out the big red button with "self destruct" written on it and hitting it.......repeatedly!!! Strangely their was an air of calm around the team and we continued to play like we had in the 1st half. Tasky pulled a rare master stroke by putting 16 year old mike goldsworthy on the right wing who started to terrorise the left back like a Cornish usain bolt. Holmans took the lead in about the 70th min when a corner from 16 year old Sam "roberto carlos" Eva was so close to the hayle front post it caused the hayle keeper to try and punch it out unfortunately for hayle the punch was more Audley Harrison then Evander Holyfield and it went straight in the back of the net. Hayle continued to look for an equaliser and we had a couple of scary moments where I thought Halloween had come early but the whole team defended well with selley and jase putting in a good shift in centre midfield and charlie tasker having his best game in a green shirt so we held out and took a very welcome 3 points lifting us off the bottom of the table

Holmans entertain Wendron next week at blaythorne 2:30 kick off

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