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after reading alot on east cornwall page and every year people complain bout teams playing unregistered players/playing under another name! surely its time for some form of id cards to come in, its not rocket science to get it going. oppisition manager could check before the game and would take 5 mins and would stop any sort of cheating that may do on

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How would you deal with late registrations and possible reinstatements? I.e a team only has 9 players available on a sat at short notice, but teams have the ability to sign on/reinstate players with a quick fax to the league secretary. The issuing of an ID card won't be that quick so will be they be allowed to play?

Also, someone will have to foot the bill? Probably the football clubs paying extra affiliation fees at the start of the season to cover costs?

I'm not against the idea, but it's not a clear open and shut case.

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Do away with reinstatements. Once a player is registered to a club, he/she can play for any team within the club. This is already in at all levels of youth football and has been a positive move. As for the cost it is nominal, and I for one would support any move that makes for a fairer level playing field.

As you say its not an open & shut case, but if enough want it then its up to the clubs to make it work.

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