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Senior to junior player?


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Can any1 shed some light on rules regarding players being classed as junior players?

If they have been reinstated then how many games do they need to play before being classed as junior? And also are league and cup games counted?

I had 5 games in my head? But is this 5 league games or just 5 games at junior level?

Also if they swap from 2nd to 3rd team but both play in trelawney does this matter?


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It is 5 games to become a junior player but this does not include Junior Cup games. The issue between second and third team only becomes an issue if the play 3? consecutive games for either side - can only play 2 2nd team players in the third team if they have played 3 consecutive games for the higher league side - I think. Think the emphasis is on the word consecutive. All a bit grey I am afraid but that is how i understand it.

The 5 game bit is definitely right

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