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RAF St Mawgan - Cornwall Senior League 1956/57

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A real shot in the dark on this, so any info would be greatly appreciated.

My father Trevor Stone was stationed at RAF St Mawgan during his national service. He was a good footballer playing to a pretty high standard in the Reading & District League top divisions until his mid-forties. Whilst down in Cornwall he played for the RAF St Mawgan team in the Cornwall Senior League certainly in 56/57 and possibly the seasons either side. He told me that he played down there with quite a few Pros and semi-Pros also doing their National Service.

I have managed to get hold of a league table for the CSL in 1956/57, but was hoping that there may be somebody out there that may have some more info from Programmes, Handbooks or Newspapers on either my father, or any of the other players that he may have been playing with.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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Many thanks Cornishteddyboy.

I have a work trip down to Truro planned for the new year and might be able to tag an extra day on to do a bit of research - Would you know if Truro library would have the local newspapers on microfilm, or am I better going to Redruth ?



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Go to Redruth, to the Cornish Records Library.

It where they keep the main micro-film records. It will be quiet enough to sit at one of the machines all day.

They also don't mind if you take digital photos of the pages, but if you want they will sell you copies of parts of pages for a fee.


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