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Fantastic Opportunity for a goalkeeper for Sundays!

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Crowntown with Crowan F.C. need a keeper for the coming season.

I know we've managed without one for years (sorry Cookie) but this year we no longer even have anyone who owns a pair of gloves. (The glove owner has just quit.)

He must;

Be a junior player.

Not moan.

Not complain about referee's.

Smile in adversity.

Understand that "panic" is a valid defensive tactic.

NEVER, EVER fail to turn up without warning, unless it's a real emergency. (Head hurts due to hangover does not qualify.)

In return you can join a happy, well run, financially secure club which has won the sporting trophy 8 times in 14 years and last year, despite conceding 2.5 goals per game, with no clean sheets, won the Div 2 title with points to spare.

If you're interested. PM me and we'll arrange a chat.

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