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Organise your team with http://www.teamer.net/ for FREE

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Had a look at this and it loos really good. Looks like it could cut the cost for SMS's to players of free


What is Teamer?

Teamer is an online team management system that uses the power of the web, text messaging and email to solve the headaches of organising your team.

How much does it cost?

For a team organiser, creating a Teamer account and a Teampage is always free. This includes 200 free event text notifications every month for your team. All email and mobile app notifications are also free to send. In fact, Teamer is going to save you money. How many phone calls are you making each week to organize your team? Each one is costing you money, not to mention valuable time. Teamer's unique event notification technology reduces this task from one that often takes hours, to something that takes a matter of minutes. For players, using the website and email notification system is always free. Players who respond to notifications via text message pay standard rate according to their phone plan. In the UK, standard rate responses to our shortcode are charged at 12p+VAT. Teamer adds no additional charge.

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Which countries support text messaging?

At the moment, text messaging is supported in Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, India and South Africa. We will continue to roll out to new countries over the coming months.

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What makes Teamer's notification system unique?

In supported countries, we use email, text messaging and Apple push notifications to notify your entire team. Your team members can respond by email or text message and their response is captured in real time on your private teampage, so you know exactly how your team is shaping up for the next event. If a player isn't available, you can use our auto-notify feature to automatically call up a replacement from a standby list. The goal is to cut the time and cost involved in organising your team.

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What is 'closed loop' text messaging?

Most online text messaging systems send a notification, but don't gather and store the response. With Teamer's 'closed loop' text messaging, replies are picked up on the Teampage in real time and displayed to the organiser, so he/she knows exactly how the team is shaping up.↑ return to top

Can I import my team members from a spreadsheet?

Yes, from the 'Members' section of your main teampage, click 'Import spreadsheet' and follow the instructions to upload all your players at once.

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How secure is my Teampage?

Only players that a team organiser has invited can access your Teampage. In that way information stored on the page can only be seen by those people you have selected to access the information. Your Teampage can also be setup so that member's contact information is kept private from other team members. Teampages are not searchable from the web.

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How secure is my data?

We take data security very seriously. We encrypt all passwords. Our site hosts Blue Box are SAS 70 compliant. All player information on the teamer.net site requires user authentication to be accessed. In other words if you are not registered and logged in you cannot access any individual's information. Teamer also adheres to the 1998 UK Data Protection Act, which protects the use of individual's data on the web.

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Will my details be given to third parties?

We will NEVER share your details with a third party. All advertising and sponsorship on Teamer is handled directly by Teamer, no one else gets access to our user's information.

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Why can't I update my member's information

If a member hasn't been to the site and activated their profile, you can change their account information at any time. If someone is a registered Teamer member, they control their own profile including the email address and phone number they wish to be contacted on. This is a stipulation of the 1998 UK Data Protection Act.

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How do I delete a team?

Click 'Edit Team' from the main Teampage. Change the team name to 'Delete'. The system periodically goes through and removes all teams named 'Delete'. Please consider that deleting a team results in all the team data being lost and is irreversible. ↑ return to top

How do I edit my team name?

Click 'Edit Team' from the main teampage.

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How do I cancel an event from my phone?

If you were the event creator, you can text 'off' to the Teamer number and the next scheduled event that you created, will be automatically cancelled and email/text alerts sent to your team. Note: This will always cancel the next scheduled event you created

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Can I assign a co-organiser for my team?

Yes. To assign a co-organiser, click the edit button next to the relevant team member on the player list. Check the box to give them the same rights as the team creator.

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I got an error trying to add a team member?

If you are being told a phone number or email address already exists, it means that a pre-existing Teamer account has those details and there is a mismatch between what you are entering and what already exists in the system. Send the details to help@teamer.net and we will be happy to sort out the issue for you in short order.

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Can I add both parents details to an account?

Using email addresses and phone numbers to identify member's at Sign In, means we can't allow multiple contact details on an account. Teams in this situation generally do one of the following

  • Use one parent's phone number and the other parent's email address on the account. In that way they are both able to access information while not having to create a second account.
  • Enter the player twice, once with each parents contact details.

The first solution seems to be the most popular, enabling both parents access to the account as needed.

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Why do some players appear in blue

Players highlighted in blue have come to Teamer and activated their profile, they are registered members instead of just invited members. Everyone receives notifications regardless and some members choose to never come to the site and only communicate through their phone, but of course they are limiting the functionality of the site when they do that. Once members activate their accounts, they are responsible for the content of their account and the contact details used.

Can I advertise on Teamer?

Yes. All the information you need is here

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How do I leave Teamer

At any time, as indicated in all email communications we send, you can send an email to unsubscribe@teamer.net and your account and all your details will be removed from the system.

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