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Cornish clubs in the FA Cup

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Tomorrow five Cornish clubs begin the journey to The New Wembley Stadium competing in the oldest and most famous competition in World Football-THE F.A.CUP which began in 1871-72 with 15 entrants and this season sees a record 731 clubs entering.

Marlow FC (Bucks) hold the unique distinction to be the only club to have entered in every season although they pulled out in one and Maidenhead(now United) (Berks) have only missed one entry.

What are the chances of all 5 clubs progressing to the Preliminary Round?

Paul of St.Blazey- good luck with your visit to Keynsham Town a ground I have not been to.

So I and probably other forum readers will be interested in your description of your day and match report as you did for last weeks game at Falmouth.

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Hello Mike. Hopefully the weather will hold out for tomorrow. Another ground I havnt been to yet. Dont think its anything special by what a few have said. In other words certainly no better than clubs down here. Fingers crossed we can at least get a draw. Good luck against Frome and hopefully all local clubs have decent results.

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