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Biggest suspension??

Guest Chris B

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Guest Helston Patriot



In cornish football before anyone pipes up about 8 month drug or cantona flying kicks... PIDGE!

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Guest BenTimmo

The thing that is annoying about bans is the proffesionals do not get the same treatment as the lower leagues

Aye... a goalkeeper punches a referee at this level and there is hell to pay, if he did it in the premiership, it'd be a fine and probably not much more than 10 matches. If that! There should be hell to pay at all levels. Fines are pointless in the premiership cos they all have so much money it doesn't affect them..

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Guest stealth

theres a guy who used to play swl for truro and played for chacewater, think his name is tann.this will be his first season back after a 10 year suspension

big number 9 tanner didnt get 10 years it was only 5yrs i kw because i was the who got him bk into football . stealth

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i havent! last time i checked i only got 7 days when i was sent off! that was about 3 seasons ago!!!

dont like keeping my mouth shut! although i think the ref was not quite all there coz i'm sure foul and abusive language carried more than 7 days! anyone have a breakdown of how many days u get or is each case individual??

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