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Assistant refs / linesperson

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Just a query really... does the duchy league have any rule about whether you have to have an assistant ref / linesperson with a qualification??

I know from my time playing for clubs in the senior leagues that this was the case, infact I actually took the course run by the FA to be qualified ( as such ) referees assistant while I was manager of a Duchy 3 side. ( several years ago now )

The reason for asking is that from the beginning of the season there seems to be a lot of people running the line that do not know the rules, especially the offside rule.

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Well Richard, I have always refered to them as assistants long before the FA redesignated them that way and that includes club assistants because that is what they are, they are there to assist.

Their called LINO'S ho ho ho and it will never change. Just like refs are called "who's the banker in the black" ho ho ho !!!!!

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They're only termed "Assistant referees" when they're independent. If supplied by the club the official term is still "club linesman" (Or i guess lineswoman/linesperson?"

Regardless of who they are or where they come from, if they are running the line, they are assistant referees.

And I quote........

Assistant Referee:

A qualified referee who has been

appointed by a league or

competition to perform an active

role as an assistant to the referee

from the commencement of

the game.

Assistant Referee attached to

a Club:

Does not have to be a qualified

referee. However, in some cases

he may be. The referee will base

his response to such an official

according to the level of

experience of the assistant who

may have received training in his

county to fulfil this role.

This was taken from the FA Learning : A guide to Assistant Referees.

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