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St Dennis 2 - Western 2

Well you get to our age and you think you've seen everything in football..... but...... Western went in half time 1-0 up, second half St Dennis got a dodgy penalty to make it 1-1, Glyn Hooper then got sent off again dodgily, ref had got a lot of stick from both teams, which you cant justify but he kinda did bring it on himself by a lot of questionable decisions, St Dennis went 2-1 up, Western then made a good goal started down the right hand side which is important to this tale, as Western celebrated a shout from the crowd (of about 8) how many players have they got on the field? count up and sure enough 11 of em, told the ref, he then disallowed the goal, then allowed it, then disallowed it, then allowed saying he will have to refer it to the CCFA as he was unsure and getting quite a lot of stick.

Question; anyone know the ruling

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As a spectator, this game was hilerious to watch, Thanks Harris, :-) was very entertaining.

Watching it from were i was, in the 1st half, st Dennis had a perfectly good goal disallowed for off side, truckers had ran past a defender when the ball was played, for him to miss kick it and it fortunately falling to ruler who finished it well, but no goal.

As for the st Dennis pen, I felt there was a slight push in the back on Bellie, probs was a bit soft but the luck that time went st Dennis way. St Dennis also had another goal disallowed in the last 5 mins, for a hand ball against truckers, couldn't see from were I was standing so maybe a correct decision, from what looked like a linesman no more then about 10 running the line for western, saying that he looked very confident in his decisions and did a good job so fair play.

Hoops sending!!! Well if its was for what he had told us it was for then that was the most ridiculous sending off I've heard about. But Harris gets to enjoy his story a little more, telling every1 "I sent off glyn hopper :)" a joke.

I felt st Dennis probs edged to game on chances, and should have really won the game. Not sure what will happen about the result with western having 11 players on the pitch in stead of 10 after hoops was sent of, the western equalising goal was scored when they had the 11 players on the pitch, Harris didn't deal with that very well, lol all in all a very funny game to watch.

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