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Saw Newquay who included Truro captain Jake Ash along with top scorer Andy Watkins in their squad along with Falmouth who included Dan Green & Cody Cooke against Ivybridge none looked out of place at Peninsula level nil points gained by either team. Credit must then go to Elburton Villa who got their moneysworth when getting Stuart Yetton to assist with a win over league leaders Launceston.

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most teams do it its been going on for years and it will continue same as clubs agreeing to pay the player so much money then when the team has nothing to play for they cut the budget and go back on the word i remember a top team doing it last year !!! good work out for the truro lads aswell no different than southwest lads playing for p@d teams in midweek or saturdays when they have just played a friday night game its been going on for years

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Tricky Ricky we are talking serious money here not just a kick about with your mates in midweek and weekends.

I too would be very interested in what you mean by "serious money"?

If they were on "serious money" - wouldn't they both have played 90 minutes so that the club got their money's worth?

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