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Unregistering Players from squad list - Help


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Can someone advise me – We have several players signed on, however some have moved away or just don’t want to play mens football (not making an appearance) – is there a way of deleting them or unregistering them from our squad lists. As at the moment it shows an untrue number.

Many thanks


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Great to know -hopefully we can do this for our league

I know in the past on the very very rare occasion when we have struggled to raise a team, the old F/Hel League officials said that we could not postpone a game because we had lots signed on but when we tried to argue that they were only signed on for insurance purposes during pre-season, the league said it made no difference. Be interesting if the Trelawney officials allow you to remove players - let us all know please.

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We have the exact problem now, not that we’re short, but looks like 35+ signed on, and really is only 25 – 27 max...

Can’t see a problem with them removing players. If the players that signed on just for a friendly sign on for another team during the season - forgetting, it’s the other team that gets punished...

Would help everyone involved

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I recently sent Mr. Newcombe (duchy Secretary) a list of players that no longer play for us, and he romoned them.

Mike Newcombe would like to clarify the above by this following statement:

"The Duchy League has it's own registration system, which is the one in everyday use. Registrations are also placed on the FA Full Time site to help the County when it comes to checking Junior Cup team sheets. The registrations from last season for every club automatically transfered onto the new seasons page.

The players that I removed from the St.Minver page were players registered with them in 2011/12, but who were not with the club this season and had not signed elsewhere. It was a tidying up process only.

Players in the current season, once signed cannot be deregistered from a club and if they want to leave they must be transferred.


Mike Newcombe"

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Sorry Mr. Newcombe, you do a great job and did not wish to create any problems.

St.Minver Manager.

As I said it was not my intension to create additional work for Mr.Newcombe. I would like to state that I have only had positive dealings with all those that run the Duchy League.

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