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If the law could change to this...

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Great fun. And we thought the Europeans were potty.

1. What if and it is a regular occurence - that the supposed injured player is not exactly injured but as they do 'pull a fast one'. Either by delaying his recovery or panning out his unknown injury.

Thats really going to wind up the supposed guilty player who knows everyone has been conned and yet he may feel he is being punished twice for something he may not have done.

2. Who is going to be the timekeeper

3. Why not introduce rolling substitutes, or as suggested treat the player on the field.

4. Is this April fools day.

Leave it alone for goodness sake.

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Awful idea.

Have to admit, those egg chaser refferee's are pretty good. And if the physio on the pitch works for the peanut huggers then why not football?

Football is generally played by passing the ball along the floor, Rugby isn't. It would be too awkward to continue playing football with a guy on the floor, a physio and his bags next to him etc etc. In rugby the game is stalled by scrums,rucks etc. In football it isn't.

This idea just could not work. It's not much different to the end of last season when I suggested that to rid the game of "playacting", a player that is injured and rolling around like he's been shot should be made to leave the pitch for a minimum of 5 minutes. Then we'd see how quickly a player wants to feign injury when he faces the possibility of 5 minutes off the pitch. BUT if the guy is REALLY injured, an instant substitution could be made.

This idea was also dismissed because of the practicalities of timing the 5 minutes etc.

The game is filled with problem area's BUT it's a game we all love and it should just be left alone for us to enjoy in the way we know how.

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I cannot understand why the VICTIM of a tackle, be it a fair challenge or foul, has to go off anyway. He is in effect being punished twice - once by being fouled and again after receiving treatment.

Haven't the people in those slinky FA offices who make these stupid suggestions and indeed, decisions got enough to do? Why don't they for once ask us - the club officials, the fans and more to the point, the players and referee's, those of us on the ground floor, ask us what we think would make the game better - just for once and see whta we think.

Personally - I'd go back to the old offside rule. If you're on the pitch, you're interfering or as Bill Shankly once said, "If one of my players isn't interfering with play, I want to know why". B)

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