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Ginger or Strawberry blonde???

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Is it true that Parkway have signed Bucklands Razor sharp, eagle eyed, Carrot top forward Chris Wright on a full time basis???

Can anyone confirm.

And is their any truth in the rumour that he left the club due to the fact Parkway were potentially changing their strip colour to Orange?? (I personally cant see a player leaving because of this to be honest!!)

Dr Ken (Ashes God)

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I rate the lad highly..... If Parkway have got him full time its a magnificent signing!!!

Anyone who can strike the ball like Jon Arne Risse, Has the determination of Tony Hibbert and knack of scoring goals and physical presence of Ian Dowie is always gonna do well at peninsula level!!!

Thank god we've already played them once.

Dr Ken (Ashes till I die)

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