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Is it legal to play jollys combo and sunday league?

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Could someone please elighten me of a question ^^^ in the topic title, i am signed for a team in the combo and my work mates are asking me to play for their sunday league team aswell as my jollys team. I was under the impression that its not possible, does anybody have the necessary knowledge.

Many thanks in advance.

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My understanding of the new system is that the 30 day ruling has been stopped. This is mainly to help teams who have players who may be in a situation where their Saturday team insists they play in a combo match. We've been affected in the past when one player has been a sub for his team's combo side and come on for the last 5 minutes and then been ruled out for 30 days.

New rules introduced at the Sunday League AGM allows teams to play two reinstated players per game in the league now (up to four in the County Cup). Once the player has played five games at junior level, provided they've not played any more senior games, then they become a junior player again.

I think you can only be reinstated twice in any season.

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