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How Friendly a Game Can Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pendeen 4 - 0 Mousehole 2nds scoreline

Pendeen 0 - 5 Mousehole Injuries

Broken Collarbone/Stamp

Loose Front Teeth/Elbow

Knee Injury/Over Zelase Tackle

Ankle Injury/Over Zelase Tackle

Open Wound on Knee/High Stubs,Over Zelase Tackle

All in all what a waste of time that evening was,Ref was no help what so ever when tackle flying around like there lives depended on it last nite. in my eyes u r never going 2 get a friendly without something going on but the ref is to help out in a FRIENDLY, it is not a competitive game but u would have thought it was being played 4 the FA CUP last nite

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Guest Peppermint

It sounds like World War 3. Pre season 'friendlies' seem to have got more competitive in the last season because I saw Newquay play Biscovey and there were a few unsavoury moments during and even after the game.

It is not good when some teams end up starting the league season with key players missing through injuries picked up in these so called 'friendlies'.

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