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Alright me 'andsomes.

On Saturday Falmouth Athletic Reserves are coming to Penlee Park to knock the Mighty Magpies out of the Percy Stephens Cup.

Is it possible someone could post on this thread or PM me a typical matchday squad, their managers, lino, waterboy, etc and their team colours.

This will go into the programme along with any other gossip I can make up about them and each team will receive 15 copies plus they are also handed out free to spectators.

Don't do it dreckly, do it now.


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ctb - don't you think your negativity towards your own team is extremely crasse? If the players at Penzance read your comments, would they not think "ctb thinks we are going to get beatand probably everybody else, so why should we bother putting in any effort?" No matter how bad the results, a little bit of faith from thier own might go a long way. They might not be the best, but to be constantly reminded of how bad things are is counter-productive. Either you have no common sense or you have been wronged recently by Penzance. Every supporter is entitled to their opinion but use the old grey matter and get behind them - if you can't find it within you to be supportive might I suggest you grow up shut up! Call yourself a supporter???

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Attila Jenei

Ian Carter

Jason Gilbert

Gary Stevens

Kyle DeLancy

Will Annear

Ashley Farrow

Paul Jeffery

Ben Kellow

Alex Kemp

Mike Moore

Mike Rollason

Tim Hurrell

Kristian Martin

Connor Oldfield

Manager- Nathan Percival

Assistant manager - Jason Gilbert

Club colours- blue shirts, black shorts and sock

Linesman- which ever sub pulls the short straw!

Good luck on saturday to penzance, will be a good game and a good test for us down at your place

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Le Boss, you don't understand.

The lads in the team know what I think and they know not one word of what I say on here about us losing is meant and is all tongue in cheek. They are also realists and I know by talking to them, before, during and after each match we are in trouble results wise.

To say I am not a supporter is a damm cheek. I watch every Penzance Reserves team game, not missing one in the last 6 and a bit seasons, and in 22 years only about 20-25. That is home and away, friendlies, etc, the lot.

If you listen to me at our matches to say I don't get behind them, don't stick up for them, etc, well you're deaf. Read the programme and find where I'm knocking them.

I've been loyal to Pz for 36 seasons, how long have you been loyal to any team?

I do a free programme each home game paid for by myself. I stick up for the Reserves at committee meetings, etc.

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Fal lad,

thanks for the squad details. Being early and with no mid-week matches I can get on with the programme early this week.

Not all 15 in the squad will probably be there on saturday, Ashley i think is suspended and some may be called up to the 1st team

Yes we have that same problem, but what made it better this week one of the lads who got called up to play in our first team at Porthleven in the Throgmorton Cup scored, Jimmy England.

One thing, our groundsman is so chuffed about his pitch, can I ask your lads to wipe their boots before they run onto it! :P

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