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Penzance creating more SWPL records?

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Penzance may not have picked up any points this season in the SWPL, but they surely broke another league record today after their game at Liverton.

New manager John Dent may have done well being able to bring in some new faces in the short time he's been in charge, but the only way he could resolve the problem of his two goalkeepers not being available, was to play himself!

The decision was made late last night after spending all evening on the phone trying to find someone and at the age of 57, John was fairly upbeat after the game that his name might now be entering the league record books as the oldest player to appear in a SWPL match! And rumour has it, he got the Man of the Match!

It finished with another defeat, but with the final score line 4-2, at least the Magpies have scored for the first time this season - the goals from Matt Best and Jeremy Blake.

As for Denty, he's reaching for the deep heat!

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The ref kicked off a minute or so early...we were two down just past 3.00! 4:0 with 15 minutes or sp to helf time. Then a storming last 15 and a great second half effort saw us pull back to 4:2...we did have two or three half chances that if converted would have been nothing lessthan Penzance deserved.

I think I counted 27 in the ground, 11/12 of them following PZ.

Roll on Tuesday night at Liskeard.

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Awfully low attendance today at Liverton. Never seen anything like it at this standard.

Fantastic perfornance today from the Magpies. Especially the last 60 minutes. Battled hard and made many chances!!

A word for Denty who played in goal. Outstanding performance from him at that age!! Would still put most SWPL 'keeps to shame! Thanks for doing the job betweem the sticks mate! Great manager and proved the critics wrong on this forum for me.

Thanks to Liverton to the hospitality. look forward to the return game!!

Penzance take on Liskeard on Tuesday night at Lux in search of those first 3 points which are on the cards!!


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Well done john dent. How many did,nt play football in cornwall today coz of feeble excuses.Anybody who,s slagged off john in the past eat humble pie.John Dent -winner

John is a born winner - no doubt. He's also a pain in the arse, great fun on tour, great organiser, good drinking companion, I've had many a good time when John's around - but he's still a pain in the arse!!

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