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10 Point Deduction

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Just a quick thought on the 10 point deduction that Truro Reserves have also received following the senior side entering administration.

On the Peninsula League forum it states something along the lines that the league were made clear of their obligation from the powers above (assuming CCFA or even FA). Does this mean that this is standard practice?

For example when say Portsmouth were in administration did every playing side within the club receive a 10 point deduction such as the reserves, the U18s etc? I was under the impression that it was only the senior side that received the penalty?

Does anybody have any definitive knowledge on this?

And can the Peninsula League representatives provide evidence of what was imposed from the powers above?

One last thought...if the reserves are being punished under the umbrella of being associated to Truro City, then surely all sides playing under the Truro City name should receive the same fate. Have the Ladies side been deducted 10 points? And have god for bid the junior sides been deducted 10 points?

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I can't answer for any other league, but the SWPL is governed by the FA not the CCFA.The SWPL

rules state that any club going into administration shall be deducted 10 points. There is no such rule in the JCCL or lower leagues, which are governed by the CCFA. As for what has happened in other administrations I can't answer, but be assured that the SWPL Secretary has sought guidance from the FA before imposing the deduction. I hope that this goes some way to answering the query.

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I think Ian, as a director of the SWPL, has probably answered as good as anyone regarding the local position. However I'm sure Phil won't mind me placing his post from the SWPL Forum on here which further clarifies things:-

"Just a clarification on this - As the SWP is a "National League" (Pyramid) we have to affiliate to the FA in London and all pyramid leagues have the same standardised set of rules.

These state a 10 point deduction and the guidance from the FA was very clear that it applies as the "club" is in adminstration not the "team"

If we were a non pyramid league our rules would be different, and that would also explain why a Portsmouth reserves playing in a reserve league would not get the same deduction, indeed if Truro were in the Combination league they would not get the deduction.

However we benefit in many ways by being a pyramid league and you can't pick and choose which bits of that you like or dislike, as such the rule about points deduction has to be in our rules to be sanctioned, and as league secretary I had no choice but to act on the breach of rule which is very clear cut.


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