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Torpoint make double swoop

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You need center midfielders that are going to control a game for a start. Which these to can bring to a team, there not scared to show for the ball and get the play going which will go a very long way to this current Torpoint side, so long as they can convince wannabe center midfielder Shane White to drop back to where he is actually a good player and help his team out.

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dont think the two lads named are an improvement on what torpoint have in the middle, both current midfielders do a decent job,, having watched torpoint quite a lot i'm shocked to hear that players play where they want not where the manager tells them (shane white)

, for me torpoints woes are simply lack of goals. in recent games torpoint have created loads of chances but failed to find the net. torpoint need a striker or two, ( for free if the budgetmongers on this site are to be believed)

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chris menhennick has been and gone already this year.stayed at point for about a week before joining tavi.

shane white is points ideal player to play at the back.He played there when he was at point last season? if not the season before.

I dont even know who plays upfront? stacey when he not injured but who else?

isnt lewis kershaw stepped up from seconds. surely he will score a few for them???

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I knew about Chris (sarcasm) i think everyone did.

From what i have seen they've got Paul Barker or Baker playing up top with the young lad kershaw but not entirely sure lewis is good enough at that level. I think they have got some good players and the management are always preaching from the lines to play good football, so maybe it's a matter of time before it all clicks for them. Who knows, but tomorrow will be a tough test for them.

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Torpoint were really unlucky today , outplayed st Austell for much of the game !! Jimmy Alexander and billy Allen were outstanding in the middle but torpoint missed lots of chances which cost them the 3 points in the end

What game were you watching...?

Think the St.Austell keeper had about 2 saves to make all game.

St.Austell are lacking going forward, but looked fairly comfortable at the back today.

Not sure what the Torpoint captain is called up front, but from what I saw today, he was not only a terrible footballer but an absolute disgrace. Stamping, leaving a foot in on tackles and SPITTING. What an excellent example to be setting as a captain of a football team...

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