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spurs are rubbish


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ha ha what a rubbish start to the season for the yids..............spent 40million as well, granted i still think they will do well in the long run, but with all the talk saying how they will charge into the top 4 ahead of arsenal, i'm not so sure. two defeats already...........i love seeing the spurs fans crying in the stands!!!


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Paps, it's NOT the last 2 games that have got us spurs fans blaming Jol. It's the last 3 years where he's made tactical errors,mystifying substitutions and outrageous team selections. His tactical nous (or lack of it) cost us when we were 3-1 up against chelsea in 1 quarter final last season and then again when we were 2-0 up against Arsenal in another semi final. He goes a full pre-season with a 100% unbeaten record,scoring over 20 goals in 6 matches with no less than 9 different goalscorers.

Then as soon as the season opener comes along (a game everybody knew would be tricky),he drops every player (except the strikers) and goes back to the same shower of shit midfield that was there last season. Who on earth spends £39million in the closed season to strengthen a team and then starts the season with only ONE of the players he signed on the pitch and only one more on the bench.

No toy's at all have come out of the pram, nobody is unfairly jumping down anybody's throat. Fans pay to watch their team and they have a right to voice their frustrations. There is a guy incharge of spurs that has took them to 2 successive 5th place finishes and that's consistantly better than we have ever done in the premiership before. HOWEVER, perhaps the fans feel that if he hadn't been so tactically inept or scared to kill off a game like he was when he panicked when we were hammering Chelsea and Arsenal. EVERYBODY with the slightlest knowledge of football will tell you that SPURS CAN'T DEFEND. So why does he try to defend when we take the lead in any game.

Why when the whole world could see that we had a shockingly poor midfield (excluding Lennon) with NO LEFT FOOTER,NO PLAYMAKER or NOBODY TO DICTATE A GAME did Jol spend £16million on a striker when our strikers got over 60 goals between them last season. You only have to look at how Arteta controlled the game on tuesday night for Everton. Jenas is crap,Malbranque is crap,Tainio is crap,Zokora is crap. None of them would get into any other side in the top8 of the league, so why does Jol not replace them instead of playing them week in week out?.

Because he's tactically castrated and must surely be the only person in the world that doesn't see the problems that Spurs have on the pitch. Daniel Levy will not have splashed out all that money to merely qualify for the uefa cup, He will only settle for champions league footy and would then possibly still want some silverware in the form of either the FA,Carling Cup or uefa cup.

Do you seriously believe that Wenger or even Moyes would have spent the same money as we have and then not play the players that were signed or even look a little better than they did in the previous season?. NO... We have some superb youngsters in the squad that played all pre-season and are better than the second rate midfielders that I mentioned above but Jol says "they may be exciting now but they'll be even better in the future"??????????????. What the hell is he on about?. This is the guy that has played Lennon since he was 17, will be playing Bale as soon as he's fit (only just 18 years old), The guy who brought on Adel Tarabt (17 years old) against West Ham and Chelsea last season.

Imagine if Ferguson didn't want to play Ronaldo,Becks,(the "you'll never win anything with kids brigade"), would they have dominated English football for a decade?.

Imagine if Moyes thought 16 year old Rooney was "good for the future", What if Wenger refused to play his youngsters,he wouldn't even have a team for gods sake.

If a player is good enough,he is old enough. Until Jol realises this,until Jol notices that spurs can't defend,until Jol notices that there's no point having a possible 70-80 goals per season worth of strikers if there's not a single midfielder that can pass them the ball, until jol sees that Tom Huddlestone is the best passer in the club,until Jol realises that Jenas etc are shit, SPURS WILL DO NOTHING EXCEPT BE A LAUGHING STOCK.

Paps mate, I hope that you now see that it's NOTHING to do with the last 2 games. All the last 2 games have done is confirm what EVERY spurs fan has said since the throwing away of the quarter final against Chelsea. Surely even you can't explain or understand why a man that has a squad with such attacking quality and YES attacking ability would put out a defensive team or even try to play negatively. I personally think he's losing the dressing room and is scared to drop players. It's about time the guy "grew a set" and took a chance on the hungry young talent he has at his disposal because at the moment it's blatantly obvious that the teams he's selecting will do well to avoid the bottom 4, let alone challenge the top 4.

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Guest crosser

DEFRA has just announced a new 3 Km exclusion zone around White Hart Lane after 11 donkeys were seen running around lost, disoriented and confused.

A government spokesman said, "It appears that we will have to humanely destroy the entire Spurs team and every Spurs fan that attended the Everton game earlier this week. We have decided that the Scousers will not be put down as they are so filthy they are immune to the disease."

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Guest crosser

Who pulled your chain jojo. I know what you mean though. You should be watching TMF now mate, Dirty Sanchez the movie is on. Funniest thing i ever watched

love the bit where pritchard breaks the world record of being shot by a paintball gun :o and the I love dainton tattoo :wacko:

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Nice one jojo, I'll see you down at Magpies or meet you in town later today (saturday) and we'll go and watch Newcastle somewhere and enjoy a few :drink: .. I'll already have had quite a few I should think because I'm off to watch portsmouth down magpies at 12pm and then I'll probably watch Penzance reserves at home after that.

Not long until Spurs lose to Derby now but atleast I'll climb up the dreamteam ladder :unsure:

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Huddlestone in the picture above IS THE ANSWER to our lack of passing/service to the strikers. With his passing and the creativity of one of our superbly gifted youngsters, Spurs would be back on track.

Seriously, just watch this small clip and tell me why Jol would not play this lad when he played him in EVERY pre season game and he scored 2 goals and had 4 assists.


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shooting your mouth off a bit early aren't you,

you have not yet played your game against blackburn today or do you think, there is no way that you can loose that match,

Remember the Great Arsenal of two seasons ago, I seem to remember a bad year for you, I think that Spurs are potentially a good side, & could well finish above the great Arsenal,

At least Bloomy, give it until Christmas before you write any team off, remember West Ham last season,

Hammers :thumbsup::drink::c: :c:

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What are you on about, anybody who watches spurs regularly knows that jenas is class, hes our unsung hero he doesnt stop running, as for malbranque he has his good days and his bad days, he was class at fulham and dont just lose that overnight!hes not a lm he needs a freerole to play his best football!

and all this about get jol out is pathetic, you need to remember where spurs were before jol,NOWHERE!!! we were rubbish finishing bottom half nearly every season, now in each of his 2 years he has established us as a top 5 club and done well in europe!!

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WRONG, We could get Haile Gabre-Selassi in to run up and down a pitch for 90 minutes if that's what you want because that's all that Jenas does. As for Malbranque, do you think any of the other "top 4" clubs would have him in their starting 11 or even on their bench for that matter?. I doubt it. Zokora is like Jenas but worse.

As for the "get Jol out" being pathetic and needing to remember where we were before he took over?. That's a silly thing to say, we need to remember where we were before ENIC and Daniel Levy got control of the club. It is these guy's who have brought the club back from the jaws of liquidation, it is these guys that have given Jol over £115million in the 3 seasons he's been in charge and it's these guys who have the clout to get rid of Jol if they decide that's what they think is best.

It's clear that Jol is a lovely guy with the "likeability factor" but even the staunchest of fans can see that he doesn't have a clue when it comes to team selection,tactics and substitutions. He was totally out thought by Ramos in the UEFA Cup quarter final last season and is constantly out thought by any manager when Spurs face an away game. He was totally to blame when he threw away a 3-1 lead against Chelsea and a 2-0 lead against Arsenal because of mindnumbingly crazy substitutions.

Here's a simple comparison to make you realise that perhaps this "paper talk" is not such a crazy idea afterall?. When Chelsea had Claudio "The Tinkerman" Ranieri in charge, they were doing ok (top 2 in the league etc) and he was an extremely likeable guy that people felt was extremely harshly dealt with by the Chelsea board. However, they felt that they needed to be ruthless because they didn't think that he was the man to take them onto the next level and ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING. Their next move saw Ranieri sent away with his P45 and Jose Mourinho came in through the door and heypresto, Chelsea win the league, FA Cup, League cup etc etc.

Martin Jol IS a likeable guy who is honest and dignified in the way that he presents himself. Martin Jol has indeed done a very good job at spurs and should be commended for the job he's done.

However, if he were not so tactically inept, would those two consecutive fifth place finishes have been fourth place or higher?. Would the two quarter finals and the one semi final perhaps have been silverware instead?.

We will never know but one thing is for sure, Mr Levy and the board have invested ALOT of money for absolutely no success (just like chelsea before the tinkerman got his marching orders) and perhaps our board now actually realise that Big Martin Jol has taken the club/team as far as he can, perhaps they can clearly see (I know that I can) that Jol is no match for managers such as Benites, Ferguson, Mourinho and Wenger.

Therefore, why would it be madness to think that perhaps it is right to get in a manager that can compete with those mentioned previously?. People/fans would do well to remember that Daniel Levy is a lifelong spurs fan and he wants his club to be a success, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SPURS FAN. He is also a VERY good business man and if he feels that all of this investing is not actually going to equate to success on the pitch, then why would he continue to press forward with an unsuccessful regime. Without success there is no profit. Without profit there is no business interest and with no business interest there is no investment or ENIC.

As I stated before, it is ENIC that have gotten us out of the mess we were in and it is them that we should want to keep at the club and not a cuddly dutch guy just because he comes across as a nice fella infront of the cameras. Now whether the rumours are true or not, the names linked with the position ARE an improvement on Martin Jol.

First is Ramos from Sevilla, You may say that you don't know much about this guy but Sevilla have been nothing and have won nothing for 45 years then all of a sudden Ramos comes along and in the 15 months he's been there they have won 5 trophy's,including 2 UEFA Cups in a row and has got his club into the champions league for the first time in their history.

Then there's Marcello Lippi who was actually offered the job before Santini and Jol took over but he wanted to take a 1 year break, he then took over Italy and won the world cup. He's won more league titles than any other manager, has won the champions league and as I said just now, he's also won the world cup.

Either of these managers WOULD be an improvement on Martin Jol, there's also the fact that Holland have approached Jol to take over the Holland squad when the Euro's have finished and perhaps the spurs board are merely making contingency plans so that they are not left short if Jol takes the Dutch job.

Now it all depends what type of fan you are BUT I want Spurs to finally achieve something as a modern day club, rather than living on the memories of the triumphant team of the 60s.

If you're happy to settle for another 5th place finish at best, then good for you but I want us to be a success and have made no secret whatsoever of the fact that I don't think Jol is the man to bring the success to N17.

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coops you have made some shocking yet true points..... I mean who would pay that amount of money & not play half the team. Mind you Man Utd havent done much better.. did ok ( i say ok as wasnt hard games in pre season) yet premier league they havent clicked.

all the best to spurs v derby

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The board have only shown the awareness that any eloquent and honest Spurs fan knows - and that is that Martin Jol is not a good manager. Most footballers are stupid. Most football fans are stupid. This is why there is a small majority on various forums and on the street yelling the virtues of Jol. The problem for these idiots is that, as a manager, Jol has few virtues.

He is a genuine and nice bloke - but none of these virtrues are the ingredients of a good manager. All the Jol-ettes shout is '5th place' like it is a huge achievement - but he has spent 100mil - even in real terms - no previous manager had even a third of that. He is tactically naive, uninspiring, makes bad substitutions, doesn't play players on merit, plays players out of position because he has his little favourites - which upsets the squad.

Jol should, and will go. This will be for the good of the club. Thankfully, idiotic fans quickly forget their loyalties and will soon forget Jol so spurs can unite for once. Not that I want to unite with idiots but for the sake of spurs I will comply. Jol out once Arsenal beat us on Sept 15.

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