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Tonight's games Fri 31st August

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Launceston v St Austell

Launceston: Stevenson, Aldridge, Saunders, Crabb, Reckless, Blake, Crabb, Tilley, Ellacott, Burke, Davey

Launceston subs: Parke, Head, Withey, Avery, Chuwen

St Austell: Peters, Lean, Giles, Smith, Whetter, Isbell, Butler, Campbell, Rickard, Reski, Tinsley

St Austell subs: Nancarrow, Dingle, Higman, Douglas

0 - 0 after 30 minutes

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SWPL - Premier

Camelford 2 - 0 Newquay

Camels scorers: Kevin Murt & Liam Dingle.

An entertaining game in front of a good crowd and a well deserved three points for the Camels.

Good Luck to Newquay for the rest of the season.

I was a bit dissapointed with Newquay tonight, had a lot of the ball but no penatration, seem to have some " big time Charlies" playing who don't have the club in their heart. The nearest they came to scoring was when a Camels defender rattled the crossbar while attempting to clear the ball. Having said that Camelfords defence are one of the best in the league so maybe a little harsh on Newquay who had a small number 4 in midfield who pulled all the strings and certainly did play from the heart. Good win for Camels, Newquay will be OK in this league I reckon, played some nice stuff at times, defence a bit iffy though.
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