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Linesman / Woman URGENTLY required

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Newquay will be fined £3 by the league for every game they don't have a qualified linesperson as will every club in the same position.

Courses are available even down to the trainers coming to your club to put say 3 people through their paces.

The course lasts one evening or afternoon or morning and once you pass you save your club money.

How many teams go to other grounds and complain about their opponents linesperson, only to find out the have been through and passed "The Rodney Beer School of Linesmanship Course". The course where you are taught to raise your flag everytime the centre-half shouts for off-side! :o

All clubs are asked by the league over and over to provide lists of qualified linespersons to the fixtures secretary and if you haven't any to get them through the course.

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