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PSF: Annual Carharrack/ Grampound Double Header.

Jamie C

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Game 1: Grampound 1st 1 - 1 Carharrack 1st.

This game was end to end really with both teams looking for goals and playing good attractive football. Carharrack took the lead when young James Tregay beat the Grampound defence for pace and cut the ball back to an unmarked Matt Mont for him to slide the ball into the net untroubled. Grampound then got on level terms with a great team goal (if i member rightly) with a cooly slotted goal past the keeper. The game still carried on going end to end but no real full chances being taken or put on target it then consumed itself into a midfield battle and grampound did start to get on top but then carharrack would and it swapped and changed like this through the game.

Game 2 : Grampound Res 2 - 3 Carharrack Res

Now this was a good game of football for both the first teams to watch consuming large amounts of booze. The game was a slow starter for Carharrack with Grampound making a point in this friendly and the main man for them for most the game was Sharpie taking the ball down well spreading it and holding it up. but for large spells no runners was coming off him so chances were being wasted. Carharrack wasnt producing anything in the first half after the manager was trying a new tatic but it didnt work at all which was changed at half time. So with Sharpie and Young sharpie pulling strings in the middle it was only a matter of time before they broke down a resiliant Carharrack defence. The moment did come in the first half with some great football after a small mix up which gave Grampound an easy finish from 6 yards. But with more attacks they were then unable to beat brayer in goal and double the lead.

2nd half started and carharrack was looking better now with there formation back to normal but it was grampound who doubled there lead with what can only be discribed as a pea roller in the bottom corner which apprently was going wide untill it sloped in :mellow: . Then the game began. Carharrack with nothing to lose started to push and they soon got one back with a great finish smashing the ball over the keeper into the roof of the net from 18 yards from Stevens. Chances came for carharrack but jolly was unable to hit the target but he did get it near the jack on the bowling green. Then with 10 minutes on the clock, Chown made the change he put himself upfront and it was his run to the ball forcing a foul with a push in the back with hutchens playing a lovely dead ball to reg who slotted the ball past the keeper to make it 2-2. But Carharrack wasnt done there dyer pressured the defender who smashed the ball against him for reg to run on and yet again beat the keeper with no pressure around him 3-2 carharrack. With minutes left on the clock grampound threw it at carharrack and they almost had a chance but dawes got a lovely head/ shoulder to the ball to clear it after his superman dive! Grampound felt hard done by thinking it was a pen but the ref who makes the calls waved it away.

I would like to thank grampound for there hospitality with a nice cold supply of beer and a large range of burgers and hotdogs. and as always there great company and laughs. I would also like to thank the refs in both games who dealt with situations well and thank you for taking time out your lifes for a friendly game.

Carharrack did once again take the spoils in the boat race with a slightly narrow victory this year but it may of been very close if your starter realised that u go on 3 lol which was said before hand. :drink::o .

Thank you GRAMPOUND for a great day and see you guys next year!


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A massive thank you from me to all the boys at carharrack. pre season friendly i always look forward to! like to mention from the first game grampound took a shot from kick off and crashed off the cross bar, dont think i have seen this ever before and nearly work! Thought the ref did well not to book anyone after all was only a friendly and would of ruined the game but didnt let things go over the top! from the second game was good to have a laugh with the ref not often i can do this! Best of luck to both teams this year

this year we will be doing a lot of training for next year boat race. im fed up losing it all the time!

look forward to next years game

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Red Mist Richie, They were two good games played in the right spirit and I also enjoyed the banter with yourself and several other players, it`s how it can be at times as I try to always enjoy my games, Good luck to both teams for the forthcomiong season and I am sure I will catch up with Grampound at sometime in the season.

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