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How do you phone in match results into the Trelawney League?

Tried to find out but the person I asked was going on about text numbers, etc.

Also who do I send the team sheets too.

I've got a new Trelawney League rule book that says you'll be fined for this and that if you don't inform them, but it doesn't tell you anything about how you go about informing the league.

Can anyone PM me with an address or phone number so I can get more info.


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I do know a lot of leagues have gone to this idea of texting results and scorers in after the match, which is fine if you are on a ground that you can get a signal on, but are a league going to fine a club that cant get a signal on their ground and cant text in before a certain time..sometimes I wonder if these people remember that most clubs are run by volenteers

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