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Rabbit Fencing for pitches.........

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Just wondered if anyone had a contact for Rabbit fencing around pitches? We are after getting a quote to see what it would cost for 2 pitches? I know Perranporth had theirs done and it seems to have worked really well - one of our committee made enquiries over there as to who did the work and wasn't able to find out.

Any one with any thoughts/contacts or costings please let me know Mandy St Agnes AFC

PS We have already had a bird of prey move in to Enys Parc which helped - myxomatosis has taken its toll this year and before anyone suggests shooting them that's just not an option! Thank you.

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Perranporth used a local chap to do all of their rabbit fencing. He is basically a 'jack of all trades' and also did lots of work on our new changing rooms. Perranporth bought all the materials and he just supplied the labour. If you want his number Mandy send me a PM.

Mick Lane

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Hi Mandy, just in the proccess of finishing a rabbit fence around our two pitches on the main site. Basically chicken wire with 25mm mesh 1 metre wide.Bury the wire 300mm deep with a 150mm turn back facing the way rabbits come in, in our case from the hedge. Support with fencing posts every 3/4 metres with 3mm wire strung between them, cable tie mesh to wire. back fill trench. Very effective, gone from 75 -100 rabbit scrapings every week to nil on main pitch . You need 25mm mesh because if a rabbit can get his head through the mesh the rest will follow. We used 500metres of mesh at about 75p/metre avaiable through your local farm industries etc Total cost with cement for posts, wire & staples about £2.00 /metre. If you can't get close to the hedge, bear in mind a rabbit can jump up to 3 feet with a run up. Any more info give me a ring Greg HAYLE FC

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