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Hi to everyone with an interest in the SWPL Prediction League to be run here on the wonderful Cornwallfootballforum.com website.

It's predicting time again, and well done to all who got in early enough for the first round of predictions at the weekend. I think the first couple of months will be particularly exciting as we try to work out who the movers and shakers of the league are. There are bound to be some disasters!

Great to see that there already seems to be a higher level of interest than last season.

As with last season, I will be posting two tables; a points table and a percentages one. The former is the most important one, whilst the latter will let you see how you are getting on compared to everybody else if you are not able to predict every week.

I will try to post fixtures at least two full days before matches are to be played. Due to time restraints/other commitments, I am limiting the league to 20 participants. Once this number has been reached, I will not admit any further members to the league. However, any predictor who misses at least three consecutive rounds of fixtures without advising me in advance may be dropped from the league. Should this happen, I would be happy to admit other members to the league to fill the gap.

I don't have time to administer leagues for either of the SWPL lower tier leagues. If somebody else fancies doing this, I will be happy to participate.

At the moment, I know of 15 members who wish to predict. This leaves five spaces to be filled. These shall be filled on a first come, first served basis.

The league will include fixtures in national competitions (FA Vase and FA Cup) as well as the League Cup (I think it's called the Thogmorton Cup or something!). It will not, however, include fixtures in the county cups.

Let me know if you have any questions, and happy predicting!



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