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So do we want sub-forums or not AND more?


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  1. 1. So do you want any sub-forums or not?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. And which format do you prefer?

    • This one
    • The previous Bravenet one

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Guest crosser

just my two penneth but if you go back to to bravenet crap I'm off not that that is going to bother you, and again all though I have a general interest in the whole of cornish football my primary concern is torpoint and the SWPL, so I am more likely to visit that sub forum, so sub forums make my life easier as I can just read topics that I'm interested in.

But it's your forum you do what you want with it, people will vote with their keyboards so to speak anyway.

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I think the sub forums are a good idea especially when the season starts. Going straight to the forum that concerns you for views, results and comments is better that having to look on the main discussion board and finding the subject you want to read.

Take myself as I manage in Junior football I am more interested in this sub topic. Although I know people in the senior game be they players or managers, I only scan through their topics when something catches my eye, however, if you wished to learn more about the senior league going onto their sub forum is the way to catch up.

Keep the sub forums makes life easier.

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