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Match Programme and Holmans info.

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This season we are looking into having a match programme at Wendron for Saturday home matches. If anyone has any info, tips or suggestions, can you please offer them. Thanks.

With that, our first match is this Saturday versus Holmans, at Wendron. On the off chance some form of programme is done for this Saturday, would someone from Holmans be as kind as to PM me some info. including possible match squad, manager, physio, coach etc and maybe a little info about the club. Date formed, any honours, thoughts going into the new season.

Thank you

Good luck to everyone this season, apart from when you play Wendron!


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Thanks Paul that's about filled the back of a postage stamp.......you have us down as losing to ludgvan in the supp cup in 06/07 I'm pretty sure that's our one and only senior trophy!!! Going to have to go back to our junior days to make the stats look impressive

Hope you guys down at PZ turn it around believe me your not the only club who are struggling to find players! Going to write a piece in the main discussion board tommorow to spark a debate on all the hard work that volunteers do behind the scenes that can be undermined in an instance by players migrating away.

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Where are all the players?

Same number of clubs, fewer players.

I reckon junior clubs are hoarding them or they are not coming through the ranks any more from Under 16's and beyond.

I blame it on too much money in the game especially the higher you go..

My mistake


Supplementary Cup Final

Ludgvan 1-3 Holman SC

Played on Sunday 21at May 2006

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