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St Blazey v Penzance - kick off 3.00 pm.

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I would like to invite all supporters of St Blazey and Penzance to Blaise Park on Saturday for the first league game of the season.

KO 15.00 PM

A decent pre season from St Blazey and I hope that all the squad are available.

Not sure what sort of team Penzance will bring after the recent problems, but as always the club will make you very welcome

If anyone knows the squad then please post it here for the programme.

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Hearing that Blazey put 11 past Penzance this afternoon without reply. Wishing all the best to the Magpies but can't really see any sign of light at the end of the tunnel as yet. It's a sorry state of affairs for Cornish football and makes you think who will be next to slip into the same position?

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Nobody wants to see any club go through. Good luck to the respected elder statesmen of he pitch who are trying their best, but what a joke it makes of the SWPL and what good does it do youngsters to be humbled 11-0 every week ? Why don't they put up a decent showing in the Trelawney league where they belong ? They are only postponing the inevitable. The football culture of Penwith deserves more responsible husbandry from their committee.

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well I have held my peace for a number of years but enough is enough...

I don't buy into the philosophy of my team is better than your team nahnahnahnahnah. The fact that the vast majority of comments surrounding the plight of Penzance AFC are highly favourable makes me believe that we can , and will see this through one way or another. Rodney Beer would be delighted to see Penzance as a junior club. His utter hatred for anything to do with this club has been well documented over the years and it's no good for him to preface most of his posts with "I feel for John Mead but..." These are just empty words. I can assure him and everyone else that Penzance AFC is here to stay and that Penwith's senior Premier club are very much looking forward to the visit of Saltash tomorrow evening.

My compulsory Grammar School Latin only stretches to " Caecilius est in horto".,which is not much help in this case but I do know some broken Russian...


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I have to agree with Joe Slovo about Issac Rosenburg's latest comments. "Isaac" is an intelligent man but constantly belies that with sniping remarks about what is still Penwith's highest placed club. it would be hoped that rather than counselling the committee that they should be husbanding resources more cleverly, that he might be offering the support of his club in whatever way he can.

I am sure that the extremely hard working and dedicated commitee of the club will continue to work to try to get us back on an even keel.

C'mon The Magpies.

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