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Witheridge vs Tiverton Town (Mon 6th August)

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Not sure how many of Tivvy's first team played on Saturday against Truro's threadbare side, but based on that performance (and I know it's difficult to judge on one game) I would suggest a little while yet before any return to Conference South.. Got to make it to Southern Premier first!

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Yes, sorry, thats what i meant. They have a ground thats been built up over time and probably more than good enough for conf south. Why have they had such a poor few seasons?

Is it all down to the same old thing.........MONEY, or lack of it?

No one could blame them for living within their means for now.

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Unfortunately supporters can be fickle. A winning team attracts a bumper crowd and the glory hunting bandwagon supporters. When the chips are down only the loyal stay true and the rest go back to their armchairs. The facilities @ Ladysmead are in place but you need people through the turnstiles to generate the cash to attract better players which allows you to move on and unfortunately for Tiverton there are times when Peninsula games attract a bigger crowd.

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