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Seasons Predictions

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Interested to hear other peoples opinions on the season.here are mine:

Top 4- bodmin



St austell


Surprise package-ivybridge

Throgmorton cup-bodmin

Golden boot-adam carter

West champions-Helston

East champions-galmpton

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Probably a general consensus on here is that it will be a Bodmin procession in the league ( the same with the Golden Boot and Throg Cup ).

Probably a good opportunity for Bodmin to rotate a bit in the league and have a real go at the Vase ( I'm thinking that they have been accepted into it )

Here's my predictions;

Top 3 League

1. Bodmin

2. Saltash

3. Tavistock

( Parkway to finish 6th)

Bottom 3 League

17. Liskeard

18. Cullompton

19 . Penzance

Surprise Package - Torpoint ( Newquay doing well would not be a surprise )

Throg Cup - Bodmin

Cornwall Senior Cup - Newquay

Golden Boot - Adam Carter

Pasty Cup - Launceston

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Hoping Saltash can continue the form from last season. Parkway will be up again and Falmouth.

As Way of the Park mentions, Newquay doing well would be like St.Austell and Penzance when they came up. Camelford did really well last season too. Liverton to be mid table.

Relegation, well shall see how that develops. Do have thoughts but bit unfair to mention clubs in this.

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1.bodmin 2.elburton 3.parkway 4.tavistock

I think the team to watch will be elburton villa, I also think the bottom two will be bovey tracey followed by torpoint...

Golden boot I am going for levi landricombe, having seen Adam carter a few weeks ago he is looking extremely heavy in the gut area..

Throg cup- bodmin

Cornwall cup-mousewhole

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Having seen torpoint on a couple occasions pre season, they look as if they have taken backward steps again. St Austell will be strong, especially with the signing of reski, saltash will be bodmins closest challenge with parkway giving a solid push aswel, should be interesting to see who out of the top 4 will take the plunge into the western Prem

Surprise package. Ivybridge & Witheridge.

Under achievers. Falmouth

Golden boot. Carter

Top 5




4.St Austell


Bottom 3

18. Torpoint

19. Cullumpton

20. Penzance

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My Personal Predictions are:


1) Bodmin

2) Newquay

3) Saltash

4) Parkway

5) Falmouth

Top Goalscorer: Chrissy Luxton


1) Helston

2) Godolphin

3) Penryn

4) St Dennis

5) Vospers

Top Goalscorer: Mark Goldsworthy

Senior Cup: St Austell

Throgmorton Cup: Bodmin

Bit biased putting my team at the top but oh well. All the best to all the Cornish teams!

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Here are my predictions, although they will be probably way out by the end of the season !

Premier Division -

1 Bodmin

2 Saltash

3 Parkway

4 St Austell

5 Newquay

6 Tavistock

Bottom three - Bovey, Cullompton and unfortunately Penzance (hope they can turn things around)

Western Division

1 Helston

2 Godolphin

3 St Dennis

Bottom - Mousehole

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My Top 5 are as follows :

1 - Saltash

2 - Bodmin

3 - St austell

4 - Plymouth Parkway

5 - Tavistock

Relegation - Sorry , penzance

Surprise package - Elburton Villa will get into the top 8 this season

Throgmorton cup - bodmin

Golden boot Top 4 - Mark Berry , Levi Landricombe , Adam Carter , Ryan Richards

West champions - Helston

East champions - galmpton

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