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Penzance Prima Donnas!

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It's a pity the Penzance Prima Donnas who left the Club this season couldn't see the potiential the Club had if they had stuck together and some of the promising Reserve players had developed into 1st team players to strengthen the squad.The quality of the Coaching this year has been excellent and yet they still think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it might look that way but I can assure you it is harder to cut.

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Radix malorum est cupidatis.....money-love is the root of all evil. Once upon a time players from village clubs in Penwith were lured to Penlee Park by brown envelopes. And now Fortune turns her wheel. Very sad.

At level 6 paying players is the nature of the beast, surely combo teams don't pay players do they? If so no wonder Cornish football is in the doghouse, it's like a doctor downgrading to a nurse and getting more money. Bleddy pathetic i call it, another nail in the coffin for Cornish football.
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Ten years ago, the Combo was awash with money. The recession has had an impact on that As the Truro City story shows, players are worth whatever an individual is prepared to back their passion for the club to win with. An objective assessment of the standard of the football does not govern this. Your analogy is false:the doctor and nurse are part of the same team: Penxance FC and its neighbours are opponents.

There is an economic factor here. If a 23 year old in West Penwith is lucky enough to have a job, the cost of being unavailable for work for the WHOLE of a Saturday needs more economic compensation than I would imagine Penzance FC are currently in a position to pay. Why lose this money and the pleasures of winning games locals care about alongside your mates in exchange for fourteen hours with surly strangers and a 5-0 defeat ?

If, of course, you are really a player of much greater ability than the Combo or the not-much better SWPL Western league can accommodate, you are right to travel out of Cornwall to pursue a professional career. Every two or three years, Cornwall turns out somebody of this standard.

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