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Shocking game between Spurs and Sunderland. Neither team deserved to win it, to be honest if they play like that throughout the season both teams may not reach their potential, especially spurs.

Of course the two big boys of the prem kick off today. Chelsea and Man Utd with a smaller less significant team also playing I think they are called Arsenal.

Prediction is that it will be very close this season but the boys from the Bridge will win it with Utd 2nd and possibly Arsenal third, Spurs will need to get their act together to get fourth but that all depends on Liverpool jelling if they do then they will finish third but will close the gap on the top two to only 20 pts.

Outside bet for promotion this year - Plymouth to go up to the prem through the play offs.

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Luffy, spot on fella. Spurs were total shit and got exactly what they deserved. There was only 1 shot for sunderland's new £9million keeper to save and that came from Huddlestone with about 6minutes to go. Everton will be looking at double figures on Tuesday night if spurs play like that again. Then again, what does Jol expect when he's got stalteri,jenas,malbranque,tainio,zokora and gardener on the pitch at the same time?. Neither one of those players would get into any other top5 team on their own, so to play them all together just goes to prove that Big Martin Jol is about as tactically adept as a Leeds United spending spree.

Surely even those of you that hate spurs with a passion would have to agree that we DO have one of the best squads in the league and there is absolutely NO NEED for the muppets i mentioned above to be playing for Spurs and for Jol to play so negatively with such attacking potential in the squad is just plain madness. Just because the guy comes across as "nice" infront of the camera's, doesn't mean that he's a good manager. We were beating Arsenal and Chelsea last season and his negative tactics ended up putting out of 2 different cup competitions. If he doesn't sort it soon, he SHOULD be sacked.

You dont finish 5th 2 seasons in a row and then spend some £40million to lose against teams like Sunderland. NO disrespect to sunderland, they played ok and battled really well as a unit (would expect nothing less from a team managed by someone like Keano), BUT they simply shouldn't be a difficult obstacle to overcome if a team is deadly serious about breaking into the top4. Play like that all season and we'll have to be happy to finish top of the bottom 4. :angry:

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One game doesn't make a season, but it's already clear that Martin Jol and Alan Curbishley have plenty of work to do.

'The bedraggled look that Alan Curbishley wore was a realisation that his purchases and pre-season endeavour have not away the struggle of last term' So it wasn’t quite the start to the season that West Ham and Tottenham fans had hoped for - a summer of optimism somewhat dented by uninspired performances and disappointing defeats. But should either side be reaching for the panic button?

A great deal has been said in the press and chat-rooms about the Hammers and Spurs with their new investments leading to a marked improvement in fortunes.

West Ham were a poor second to a similarly rejuvenated Manchester City side, and all they had to be thankful for was the return from long-term injury of Dean Ashton, who perhaps unsurprisingly came closest to scoring when he hit a volley narrowly wide. Whilst it would be unwise to draw hasty conclusions from the first 90 minutes of a season, I think the bedraggled look that Alan Curbishley wore for most of the game was that of a realisation that his purchases and pre-season endeavour have not so easily wiped away the year of struggle last term.

Even though West Ham fielded a side that included some new names, their lack of fluidity cannot be explained away by this factor. Their opponents, after all, fielded a side that had barely met each other prior to kick-off but they managed to gel tremendously well on the field.

Martin Jol wore a similar grimace for much of his side's dull and limp performance at the Stadium of Light. At least Spurs fans could claim that for 90 or so minutes their side was as inept as Roy Keane’s, something the East London outfit could not do. What will be cause for concern is the lack of creativity in the Spurs midfield that meant that the famous strike force barely troubled new keeper Craig Gordon.

The defeat against the Premier League new boys makes claims of a Champions League spot a tad hopeful. The talent is there in droves and, defensively at least, they do look a tighter ship. But going forward they are not looking sharp - a lot of this may be solved when Aaron Lennon comes back from injury.

No doubt detractors of both London sides are enjoying the situation. But West Ham and Tottenham are notoriously slow starters and both have managers who will not have minced their words in the dressing rooms on Saturday afternoon. This was a wake-up call, and let's hope both sides have managed to arise from their slumber by the time they next take to the field.

JOJO, Allardyce had the league fix it for his first game to be at The Reebok Stadium because he knows how to beat a team he ran for 8 seasons and therefore would not show up his managerial shortfallings. Bolton will be amongst the favourites to go down and perhaps a little more time is needed before we can see whether the "sleeping giant" that is Newcastle United has been awoken and ready to challenge again.

However, if Allardyce has somehow managed to be able to get goals out of Obafemi Martins, perhaps the guy truly is a miracle worker of a manager?.

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I think Tevez could be better?. I certainly think he'll comfortably score as many as Rooney would because even the staunchest of fans could never describe Rooney as being prolific. Tevez also brings people into the game in a similar way to what Rooney does and works as hard (if not harder) for his team BUT isn't about to whack the nearest person to him because he's not having the best of afternoon's. No hiding from the fact that Rooney is a tempremental little sod who's just as likely to be booked or sent off as he is to score a goal. That is not the case with Tevez. The only problem they will have with Tevez is who will play upfront with him and will Gary Neville be happy that there's now someone even uglier than him in the team (chadwick did go didn't he?).

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:( :unsure::o:angry2: .

Martin Jol couldn't pick his nose, let alone a team capable of competing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "the man is tactically dumb". I can only hope that we get some of the SIX injured defenders back soon and Jol stops picking players like Malbranque,Zokora,Tainio and starts to play the talented youngsters in the squad. Perhaps Jol has taken the club as far as he can (and been bloody lucky to get 2 top 5 finishes). Perhaps people will soon find out that Daniel Levy has splashed the cash for nothing else but champions league football and as soon as he sees that it's not going to happen,Jol will be given his P45.

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come on buddy you do not get down hearted yet, we were no worse than spurs I am confident that once the full squad are playing we will be ok,

I had a double upset over the weekend Falmouth & hammers but I still belive that both teams will do alright,

So up the TOWN & UP THE HAMMERS :clapper::thumbsup: :c:

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