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Dartmouth one of the better trips-having lunch down on the waterfront.

That leaves 36 League games

From Falmouth's point of view NO F A Cup/Vase -just hope we keep away from Bodmin in the domestic cups.

Last season Falmouth played 50 League & Cup-Their highest season was 1975-76 when they played 62 competitive games.

Bring back the Pratten Cup lol

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For the sake of the league , hopefully stoke will win 1 east as I believe they are the only team willing to take promotion

Not true Braidie Cole.

Crediton Utd would take promotion if they finished in a position to do so. But I see your point we definitely need another Eastern side to make the jump next season.

It's a sorry situation as there are only 4 sides (including ourselves) who joined from the Devon County League left in the Premier Division now. I know we have gained Bovey & Liverton over the last couple of years and Parkway & Tavistock are in Devon although they joined from the SWL.

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If the FA and Western League want the top SWP side to take promotion to step 5, then they should be consistent and require any Devon based step 6 team (or relegated team from Western Premier) to play in the SWP. This being the case Elmore should transfer immediately.

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