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I cannot be the only football follower who misses the annual Football Special produced by the Sunday Independent. It was always interesting to see who clubs had signed or retained. The colour photographs of team line-ups was also a good feature.

I gather the SUNDAY INDEPENDENT ceased this annual publication on the point of costs involved.

Anyone else have thoughts on this subject?

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I agree. I have many a pre-season special from years back and feel it's a shame that it no longer gets published. Regrettably it would seem once again a victim of the economy.

I'm comtemplating to put something together either on the website or in paper publication form, but obviously with time restraints etc, it'll never be as good as the past Football Specials that you and I remember. :(

However, any offers of help will be gratefully received! :c:

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Will miss this feature. As I now live out of the county I used to look forward to a copy beiong sent up by post. All the best on this one Dave.

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