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What does your insurance cover? Answers at last!

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Some 6 years ago I sent a list of queries to Chris Coombes about the third party insurance that CCFA insisted we buy. I asked questions about what was covered and about excesses as NOTHING was included in the policy.

After a year of harassing Chris, he eventually decided to inform me that he didn't know what was covered and that the only way to find out was to claim! (Poor Chris isn't an insurance broker!)

Some of the questions were really hard - like; is a car windscreen, parked behind the goal, covered?

Some were a little silly, I admit, "If we take the opposition back to our pub/clubhouse and they rip the pool table cloth, are they covered?" Some were so important; "If a football goes over the hedge and causes a major traffic accident, who pays?"

Well, I sent the same questions to Buddens Westinsure and have, eventually, got some answers. (They're still researching some of the questions.)

(To the above; Yes with £100 excess, No , Yes)

Also rabbit holes! the answer is; If you've checked the pitch, then a claim against the club is unlikely to succeed. If a claim is successful (Perhaps you forgot) then you're covered. Oddly, it would appear in the interests of a player injured by a rabbit hole for you to deny having checked for rabbit holes. Then he can successfully sue the club and the insurance will pay!

I asked about "lost documents". If, As happened at Christmas, the post office "lost" a cheque to pay for a caution, would the insurance pay the fine that resulted? I'm still waiting for an answer on that one.

There were a load of other questions but I won't include them here. If you are worried or interested about what is covered, post the questions on here. If I have the answers, I'll give them, if not, I'll find out.

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The problem with the insurance for clubs it that you have to have the insurance that the County FA offer.

I remember a few years ago the club I played for wished to look at getting independant insurance that would give the club and players better protection and cover.

The CCFA said we could not opt out as if we did we would not be covered even if we had a insurance cover note from an independant company and therefore we could not compete in the league if the club wanted to take out further cover it was up to us, of course we could not as it was too expensive, for a small club to have both sets of cover.

The only way that players will get better benefits is if they have their own private individual sports cover which is not cheap.

I think that the insurance that the CCFA is not particular good or gives players enough cover for lose of earnings etc. The majority of the junior clubs can only afford the minimum cover which gives little benefits or cover, however, in some cases any insurance is better than non.

It would be interesting to see if any company out there does give better benefits than what is already on offer.

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sounds like you should shop around for a policy that doesnt have grey areas in it!!

You may as well shop around and try to find a seive without holes!!

The player insurance is useless unless the club pays out a huge amount. I can't see the slightest reason why it should be obligatory to buy insurance that pays out £12 a week to someone who can't work. What use is that?

I think Luffy has misunderstood. Always in the County rules, even when John Ryder was the supremo, was the proviso that clubs could buy their own insurance cover. If it covered the same stuff that the County Insurance did, and you provided evidence, then it was allowed.

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Must have been a miscommunication between the club and the CCFA as I can definately remember us being told that we had to take out the County FA insurance even if we had our own.

The problem with insurance is the price - if you want to cover all the bases it would cost the clubs lots of dosh, I just think that the sums paid out are pointless to those players who have to take time off work due to an injury during football, would it not be nice if the county could approach the industry and ask them to come up with a solution that would not bankrupt clubs.

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Called it a day Cat, too many aches and pains, I really wanted to go last season but couldn't due to lack of players this season should be fine and means I do not have to play, then again I said that last season.

Just want to concentrate on managering this year and getting us back into the top division.

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