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Hey Hey! Free Forum Signature Anyone xD ?

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I'm posting this thread as I'm willing to create a custom forum signature for the users of the Cornwall football forums. I'm a freelance graphic designer, so you'll be getting a professional signature image for free. All I ask for in return is that you leave a small credit line of text included after the image.

I can do your favorite team or favourite player(s), or anything else you want. This forum signature image will also be at 120px in height max. If any forum members would like one then please either PM me or write in this thread the following details:

  • Name of the player
  • Name of the football team
  • Any colours you would like to have for the background
  • The name you would like in the image ie, your name, nickname, etc.
  • Any other custom details you want in your forum signature

Here are a couple of examples of my previous work:




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