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Update of the forum and dating your posts.

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As you can see the forum as been updated and the leagues have been given their own sections, we hope you the members will find this easier to read and navigate around.

Also now the new season is just about to start can you please make sure your posts go in the revelent section and if you are starting a new topic and it will be containing scores or results etc can you please put the date in the topic description e.g `Thursday 9th August 07`.

That way if any members are looking through for a particular result or report they can look for the dates in the topic description rather than go into the topic and seen when it was started.

Thank You very much and enjoy the new season ahead. :thumbsup:

P.S. If you have started a post and cannot find it, chances are you have put it in the wrong section and it has been moved to the correct sub forum.

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